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Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers 2020


PSC English Questions and Answers


PSC English Questions and Answers Part 1 (1-20)


1) Hundred dollars _____ a high price to pay.
a) is
b) are
c) has
d) have

Answer: is

2) Tom received rich _____ for his recitation.
a) complements
b) compliance
c) complimance
d) compliments

Answer: compliments

3) Children hardly ever speak English, _____?
a) don’t they?
b) didn’t they?
c) do they?
d) did they?

Answer: do they?

4) One of the pupils _____ selected for the competition
a) are
b) were
c) is
d) have

Answer: is

5) A student who stays away from school without telling his/her parents:
a) liar
b) truant
c) escapist
d) dreamer

Answer: truant

6) Plural form of ‘analysis’:
a) analysises
b) analyseses
c) analysis
d) analyses

Answer: analyses

7) I had better _____ now
a) is walking
b) has been walking
c) walked
d) walks

Answer: is walking

8) She _____ the books on the table.
a) laid
b) lay
c) lie
d) lied

Answer: laid

9) When we were young, we _____ play most of the time
a) can
b) could
c) may
d) might

Answer: could

10) Nobody should be deprived _____ the opportunities to come up in life.
a) for
b) with
c) to
d) of

Answer: of

11) If you went there, you :
a) could see it
b) can see it
c) could have seen it
d) could have see it

Answer: could see it

12) The idiom “Swan song” means:
a) A musical performance
b) the last public performance of an artist or athlete
c) song of a swan
d) first public performance of an artist or athlete

Answer: the last public performance of an artist or athlete

13) Antonym of the word, ‘Idiocy’:
a) Foolishness
b) Stupidity
c) Sagacity
d) Quixotry

Answer: Sagacity

14) Everybody has attended the conference, _____?
a) Didn’t they
b) Have they
c) Hasn’t they
d) Haven’t they

Answer: Haven’t they

15) Choose the synonym of ‘Embezzle’?
a) Misappropriate
b) Balance
c) Remunerate
d) Clear

Answer: Misappropriate

16) Arun’s father’s eldest brother is his favourite _____
a) uncle
b) parent
c) cousin
d) aunt

Answer: uncle

17) ‘Don’t play at night’ is a/an ______ sentence.
a) affirmative
b) negative
c) imperative
d) interrogative

Answer: imperative

18) You can trust her. She _____ not cheat you
a) will
b) would
c) ought
d) could

Answer: will

19) The match _____ by their team
a) win
b) has been won
c) has won
d) won

Answer: has been won

20) The feminine gender of nephew’ is _____
a) nephrite
b) nephritic
c) niece
d) nephritis

Answer: niece


PSC English Questions and Answers Part 2 (21-40)


21) The antonym of barbarian is _____
a) civilized
b) uncultured
c) foreigner
d) fool

Answer: civilized

22) A person who undertakes a commercial venture is a/an _____
a) Entrepreneur
b) Businessman
c) Shopkeeper
d) Manager

Answer: Entrepreneur

23) The passive voice of “People speak English all over the world” is :
a) English was spoken all over the world
b) English is spoken all over the world
c) English has spoken all over the world
d) English had spoken all over the world

Answer: English is spoken all over the world

24) The word nearest in meaning to the word ‘endeavour’ is:
a) attempt
b) debate
c) expand
d) disclose

Answer: attempt

25) She sang well, _____
a) did she?
b) didn’t she?
c) does she?
d) doesn’t she?

Answer: didn’t she?

26) She often _____ to church.

a) go
b) is going
c) was going
d) goes

Answer: goes

27) Success often depends on your ability to _____ yourself to changing circumstances.
a) adopt
b) adequate
c) adept
d) adapt

Answer: adapt

28) Neither of them _____ the answer.
a) was knowing
b) know
c) is knowing
d) knows

Answer: knows

29) Which is correctly spelt?
a) pronounciation
b) lieutenant
c) occured
d) Occurrance

Answer: lieutenant

30) If you had worked hard, you _____ a first class.
a) will get
b) may get
c) would have got
d) might get

Answer: would have got

31) Plural of Son-in-law is:
a) Sons -in-laws
b) Sons-in-law
c) Son-in-laws
d) Sons and laws

Answer: Sons-in-law

32) “Opus-magnum” means:
a) a great work
b) grateful
c) in reality
d) magnitude

Answer: a great work

33) We should always _____ the meaning of new words in the dictionary.
a) look into
b) look up
c) look over
d) look after

Answer: look up

34) Inscription on a gravestone is called?
a) epilogue
b) epitaph
c) obituary
d) prologue

Answer: epitaph

35) Which among the following is a verb?
a) canvas
b) envelope
c) canvass
d) advice

Answer: canvass

36) He is as _____ as a bee.
a) tricky
b) greedy
c) fresh
d) nimble.

Answer: nimble

37) Find the synonym of the word manifest
a) Custom
b) Display
c) Humble
d) Soft

Answer: Display

38) Pick out the singular form from the given words.
a) Dishes
b) Batches
c) Class

Answer: Class

39) Rewrite the sentence using the correct article. I shall finish my work in _____ hour.
a) an
b) the
c) a
d) to

Answer: an

40) This is the _____ news. Use the correct adjective.
a) late
b) early
c) last
d) latest

Answer: latest


PSC English Questions and Answers Part 3 (41-60)


41) ‘I wish it wasn’t raining’ means:
a) It is raining
b) It isn’t raining
c) It will rain
d) It wasn’t raining

Answer: It is raining

42) She lives in Mumbai _____
a) isn’t she?
b) doesn’t she?
c) don’t she?
d) is she?

Answer: doesn’t she?

43) It is impossible to separate belief _____ emotion
a) with
b) to
c) for
d) from

Answer: from

44) Many people _____ the poor.
a) looked ahead to
b) looked forward to
c) looked on to
d) looked down on

Answer: looked down on

45) _____ is a synonym of ‘hostile’.
a) Unfriendly
b) Credible
c) Unhappiness
d) Disobedient

Answer: Unfriendly

46) The older he got _____ he became.
a) more happier
b) happier
c) the happier
d) the happy

Answer: the happier

47) You’d better _____ in time
a) reach
b) reaches
c) reached
d) to reach

Answer: reach

48) I prefer chocolates _____ nuts.
a) than
b) to
c) less than
d) more than

Answer: to

49) Rahul usually _____ newspaper in the morning.
a) read
b) reads
c) has read
d) reading

Answer: reads

50) Karthik speaks English in fluenty, _____?
a) does he
b) do he
c) doesn’t he
d) don’t he

Answer: doesn’t he

51) Tom asked the stranger, ‘where did you go’? The sentence can be reported as Tom asked the stranger:
a) where he has gone
b) where he had gone
c) where he went
d) where do you go

Answer: where he had gone

52) Choose the meaning of the given idiom “To pick holes”?
a) To find some reason to quarrel
b) To destroy something
c) To eat some part of an item
d) To criticize some one

Answer: To criticize some one

53) The bomb _____ near the busy vegetable market
a) put out
b) went off
c) put across
d) got away

Answer: went off

54) We live in _____ big house with a white door.
a) the
b) a
c) at
d) an

Answer: the

55) Dutch courage means:
a) Courage of Dutch people
b) Courage to travel sea
c) Courage induced by alcohol
d) Courage induced by friends

Answer: Courage induced by alcohol

56) Robert was Inattentive _____ he had a car accident
a) because of
b) so
c) due to
d) even through

Answer: so

57) One word has been misspelt. Find the misspelt word.
a) Psychologist
b) Psychaitrist
c) Physiologist
d) Psychoanalyst

Answer: Psychaitrist

58) Which of the following is SIMILAR in meaning of the word “bestowed”?

a) conferred
b) accommodated
c) trusted
d) withdrawn

Answer: conferred

59) Choose the word which can be substituted. The custom of having more than one husband at the same time.
a) Polyandry
b) Polygamy
c) Debauchery
d) Bigamy

Answer: Polyandry

60) The rider _____ his horse to victory
a) road
b) rode
c) rod
d) rid

Answer: rode


PSC English Questions and Answers Part 4 (61-80)


61) He ordered his servant _____
a) That he go home
b) to go home
c) that go home
d) that he should go home

Answer: to go home

62) One who hates mankind is:
a) Optimist
b) Pessimist
c) Misanthropist
d) Rationalist

Answer: Misanthropist

63) (d) 78. A fish out of water means:
a) to be in an uncomfortable position
b) to be in comfortable position
c) to be in an easy way
d) none of these

Answer: to be in an uncomfortable position

64) Those with _____ you associate should be honest
a) who
b) whose
c) whom
d) what

Answer: whom

65) No one is late today, _____?
a) are they
b) is he
c) isn’t he
d) aren’t they

Answer: are they

66) No sooner _____ than the meeting began.
a) did
b) do
c) has
d) had

Answer: had

67) He _____ some usefull tips. Choose the correct phrasal verb.
a) put up with
b) put in
c) put aside
d) put forward

Answer: put forward

68) Complete the sentence using the appropriate idiom:
The Manager insisted that the agreement must be made
a) On cloud nine
b) Once in a blue moon
c) To make both ends meet
d) In black and white

Answer: In black and white

69) Noun form of ‘educate’ is:
a) education
b) educational
c) educationist
d) educator

Answer: education

70) The passive form of ‘she was correcting our papers’ is :
a) Our papers were being corrected by her
b) Our papers was being corrected by her
c) Our papers was corrected by her
d) Our papers were corrected by her

Answer: Our papers were being corrected by her

71) Pick out the correctly spelt word:
a) Travalogue
b) Travlogue
c) Travologue
d) Travelogue

Answer: Travelogue

72) Which is the correct sentence?
a) Wait here until he comes
b) Wait here until he does not come
c) Wait here until he does not comes
d) Wait here until he come

Answer: Wait here until he comes

73) The young one of a deer is called:
a) foal
b) fawn
c) calf
d) kid

Answer: fawn

74) Fill in the blank with a suitable question tag: I am healthy _____?
a) amn’t I?
b) are I?
c) aren’t I?
d) am I?

Answer: aren’t I?

75) Select the word similar in meaning to the word ‘SERENE’:
a) meak
b) calm
c) feeble
d) solemn

Answer: calm

76) Find out the one word for the following: ‘Murder of a King’
a) Regicide
b) Genocide
c) Patricide
d) Assassination

Answer: Regicide

77) The word ‘drudgery’ means:
a) hard and dull work
b) easy work
c) light work
d) none of these

Answer: hard and dull work

78) The idiom ‘lingua franca’ means:
a) language of France
b) common language
c) language
d) global language

Answer: common language

79) He practice cricket and foot ball regularly is a:
a) simple sentence
b) complex sentence
c) compound sentence
d) compound complex

Answer: compound sentence

80) Everyone likes sweets _____? Pick out the right tag
a) doesn’t they?
b) does they?
c) don’t they?
d) do they?

Answer: don’t they?


PSC English Questions and Answers Part 5 (81-100)


81) The plural form of spoonful:
a) spoonful
b) spoonfuls
c) spoonsful
d) none of these

Answer: spoonfuls

82) ‘Release the prisoner’. The passive form is:
a) The prisoner is released
b) Let the prisoner be released
c) The prisoner released
d) Let be the prisoner released

Answer: Let the prisoner be released

83) She was angry _____ him
a) on
b) upon
c) with
d) for

Answer: with

84) I think I am right _____?
a) aren’t I?
b) am I?
c) doesn’t I?
d) don’t I?

Answer: aren’t I?

85) Place where the rabbit live in:
a) hole
b) burrow
c) den
d) kennel

Answer: burrow

86) The feminine noun of ‘lord’:
a) king
b) queen
c) princess
d) lady

Answer: lady

87) She is one of the girls _____ know the answer.
a) whose
b) who
c) whom
d) that

Answer: who

88) A scientific study of diseases:
a) Pharmacology
b) Phonology
c) Dermatology
d) Pathology

Answer: Pathology

89) Find out the correct sentence:
a) This book is your’s
b) This book is yours
c) This book is your
d) None of these

Answer: This book is yours

90) Pick out the one word of ‘absence of law and order’
a) Anarchy
b) Autocracy
c) Rationalism
d) Monarch

Answer: Anarchy

91) Give the noun form of the adjective ‘atrocious’
a) Atricity
b) Atritivity
c) Atrocity
d) None of these

Answer: None of these

92) Which is a pronoun?
a) On
b) But
c) Each
d) An

Answer: Each

93) Find out the odd one:
a) relish
b) flavour
c) odour
d) savour

Answer: odour

94) The antonym of ‘proper’ is:
a) disproper
b) improper
c) unproper
d) inproper

Answer: improper

95) Find the odd word out:
a) Glare
b) Gleam
c) Gloze
d) Glow

Answer: Gloze

96) Find out the antonym: SHALLOW
a) Broad
b) Long
c) Wide
d) Deep

Answer: Deep

97) Ten thousand rupees _____ a large sum. (Supply appropriate verb)
a) are
b) is
c) was
d) has

Answer: is

98) Tom Said, “I am leaving for Madras tomorrow”. (Report the sentence)
a) Tom said to he was leaving for Madras the next day.
b) Tom said that he was leaving for madras tomorrow.
c) Tom said he is leaving for Madras the previous day.
d) Tom said that he was leaving for Madras the next day.

Answer: Tom said that he was leaving for Madras the next day

99) I _____ a lot of friends, while I was working in Bombay.
a) met
b) was meeting
c) meets
d) meet

Answer: met

100) The Opposition party _____ a strike.
a) call on
b) call at
c) call for
d) call off

Answer: call for


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